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About Us

The word ‘SETU’ in Hindi & Sanskrit translates to a bridge. Just like the purpose of a bridge, our aim at SETU is to connect the world. We aim to achieve this by overseeing the economic standing of an individual. We realize that not everyone is equal in today’s world but if we all come together, a transformation can be brought into this universe, and that’s what SETU stands for – Share Empower Transform & Uplift.

We are headquartered in Sweden, but we go beyond borders in our bid to help people and work towards the goal of building an equal community. A strong workforce of individuals and partners across the globe, enable us in our mission and assist us in organizing the respective events. Not just that, we are backed by a large pool of individuals in the noble cause and fuel us to run the organization in the best way possible.

Let us Share our bit together to Empower as many individuals as we can. 

Write to us for any queries and we’d be happy to assist you. Come join our MISSION at SETU Sverige Foundation if you are aligned with our VISION!

We believe all children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

- To take necessary steps towards the overall development of the Society in Sweden and in India
- Working towards achieving a pan-nation literacy in India and to work towards driving the awareness about education and it's importance
- To work towards the elimination of Child Labour and to take appropriate measures for their rehabilitation
- To implement and co-ordinate on set of activities towards the upliftment of masses belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, and Minority groups 
- To implement and coordinate on projects aimed towards development and maintenance of the environment and the issues dealing with bio-diversities

- To initiate projects aimed towards child development and implement  schemes relating to family welfare, nutritious food, primary education, health, entertainment, etc., for the intellectual, psychological and physical development of the children

- To tackle COVID-19 situation in various regions across India

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Our Mission

Our Vision

At a time when the human race is facing an immense crisis, there can only be one true response: The expression of Humanity itself.


Our Vision at SETU thus is to make a world that is equal to all, by bridging all inequalities.

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