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  • What does SETU Sverige Foundation do
    SETU Sverige Foundation is channelising all its effort and focus to the COVID-19 situation in India currently of keeping the daily wager starvation issue as our prime focus. In the future, post the COVID-19 situation SETU Sverige Foundation would work on initiatives pan India and also in Sweden which would support child care, old age homes & child education. For all the details about us refer:
  • How was SETU Sverige Foundation formed? Who formed it and why?
    SETU Sverige Foundation was formed in 2020 March 22nd together with a group of friends living in Stockholm, Sweden who wanted to make a difference. Initially, our efforts were targeted toward helping the world deal with COVID-19. Currently, we are scaling up to engage in child education, food supplies, for the underprivileged. ​ The organization does not believe in a lot of hierarchical layers so everyone is a team member of SETU Sverige Foundation. ​ SETU Sverige Foundation was formed considering the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting a million lives in India.
  • Are you a registered body?
    Yes, SETU Sverige Foundation is registered under Skatteverket guidelines of the Swedish Laws. It is also registered for exemption of taxes applicable as per Swedish tax agency guidelines with the registration number 802530-2145 as a Ideel Förening(Non-Profit Association)
  • Where is your formal office located?
    SETU Sverige Foundation has it's office location in Alvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • I want to see your processing center in Stockholm. Who should I coordinate with, for this?"
    Please write to to schedule your visit with us. However, we do not have a processing centre yet.
  • What all can I give/contribute?
    For now, we accept only monetary donations and no kinds other than money. Since monetary donations are an important aspect of logistical and purchasing support, it acts as an important and necessary catalyst in our quest to bring a much-needed change. However, in the future, we plan to incorporate material donation as well which could be more or less anything. For that, please stay tuned for more information from us.
  • How do you identify the village level, partner groups?"
    Having a sound and credible organization with a strong connect with their communities, is a critical part of the entire process. We use multiple means to identify organizations; media reports, local references, across India, our present network of partner groups, personal visits etc. The partner list is a dynamic document that we keep evaluating constantly based on their programme implementation, feedback reports, field-visit reports etc.
  • Can I come with you to the villages where you are working?
    You are most welcome to travel with our team members & on-field volunteers when they go on field visits but : a) you will have to work according to their schedule. b) the facilities and the living conditions at the villages are the most basic, so be prepared for some rough living. Let us know about your free dates and if there is someone travelling at that time, we will let you know.
  • How can I volunteer with SETU Sverige Foundation?
    Anyone irrespective of age, gender, education, nationality can volunteer with SETU Sverige Foundation in many different ways, even sitting at home. Visit our website for a list of volunteering opportunities, write to us at or call up the SETU Sverige Foundation office to find out what suits your circumstances.
  • Do I have to pay any membership fee to become your member/ volunteer?
    No, there is no membership fee for joining SETU Sverige Foundation. Anyone anywhere can become a member by joining our work in different capacities. However, currently, memberships to SETU Sverige Foundation are invitational.
  • Will I get a certificate, if I volunteer with SETU Sverige Foundation?"
    On request, we will surely issue a certificate for the work and duration of time that a person volunteer with SETU Sverige Foundation on the tasks assigned by us. On the other hand, we strongly discourage people from approaching us with requests from their friends, relatives, children, college kids wanting a certificate when they are not actually interested in working with us as a volunteer.
  • I want to do an internship with SETU Sverige Foundation. Who should I contact for this?
    We don’t provide internships at the moment.
  • How do you raise funds for regular functioning?
    SETU Sverige Foundation manages its funds through income from three different sources. Self-generated income from sponsorships. Individual donations: from people who have gone beyond giving us their material only and understood the fact that we also need money to manage the entire logistics of reaching material from cities to the villages. Corporate/Institutes/Retails: contribute to SETU Sverige Foundation general funds or partner with us on a specific project. Funding from funding agencies: from time to time we get funding limited to certain projects or for a certain duration.
  • How do I make a monetary contribution to SETU Sverige Foundation?
    For Direct/Online Contribution –
  • How much tax exemption will I get for my monetary contribution to SETU Sverige Foundation?
    As per the Swedish tax principles and guidelines under SKV laws and guidelines.
  • How do I organize the collection in my office/colony/schools? What kind of support SETU Sverige Foundation will provide to initiate the collection?
    First please talk to us about what exactly do you want to do including the basic information, what, where, how, when, why. Once we have the basic information we can guide you on what steps need to be taken before initiating a collection drive. If need be we will also provide you leaflets for local publicity and manpower. Organizing a collection drive may sound like a simple enough thing, but having done it consistently for the last many years, trust us that we know where the usual bottlenecks come up. We want your collection drive to be a big success, it not only helps us, but it also encourages more people to take up this kind of initiative.
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